Unibull CFDs

Hundreds of companies issue shares traded on the stock market

These companies can be subdivided into several categories, based on industry, region or exchange they are traded on, With Unibull Markets CFDs along with other instruments, you can profit from the 10 most popular indices, including Dow Jones, NASDAQ, Nikkei and Eurostoxx 50

Why trade CFDs with Unibull Markets

Being one of the fastest growing financial products on the market, Index CFDs present a unique opportunity to gain profit from the stock market fluctuations, along with providing high leverage and flexible trading schedule. In case you are already familiar with forex trading, you may find indices to be an interesting market to explore.

While being based on similar principles, index CFDs differ from currency trading in some aspects. Below you will find all the information you need to start trading CFDs.


Unlike other stock trading platforms you can use leverage to maximise your profits


Get instant access to global companies: from Apple to e-bay


Take profits from the rise and fall of markets.Go long or short or even hedge

List of Exchanges

ExchangeTrading Hours (GMT)
NASDAQ 14:31 – 21:00
NYSE 14:31 – 21:00
LSE 08:05 – 16:30
Bolsa De Madrid  08:01 – 16:30
Borsa Italiana  08:05 – 16:20
Deutsche Boerse  08:05 – 16:25
Euronext Paris  08:01 – 16:30
Euronext Amsterdam  08:01 – 16:25
Prague  08:17 – 15:14
BSE  08:20 – 15:54
Warsaw  08:10 – 15:44
JSE  07:06 – 14:49
Moscow  06:05 – 14:40
SIX Swiss  08:05 – 16:20
Athex  08:05 – 16:20

Trading Conditions
Unibull Markets reserves the right, at its absolute discretion, to widen spreads, decrease leverage, and control maximum order amounts and limit client's total exposure. Unibull Markets reserves the right from time to time to increase margin requirements for Share CFDs prior to company announcements or where market conditions require such increases. Clients' open positions may be subject to forced liquidation and the client may suffer significant loss in the case of failure to fulfill such requirements on time.
Please Note: As with currency pairing swaps, when commodity or indices positions are held by clients overnight there is a rate charged as follows.
Long: Index value * Number of CFDs * (relevant interbank rate + 2.5%) * (Actual Number of days/360 or Actual Number of days/365)
Short: Index value * Number of CFDs * (relevant interbank rate - 2%) * (Actual Number of days/360 or Actual Number of days/365)
*There will be a commission levied against each CFD trade equivalent to 0.0065% of the nominal trade value subject to a minimum fee.

Privacy Policy

Unibull Markets will not disclose its client details to any unauthorized parties without the client’s authentication. Same time Unibull Markets may have to disclose details to law entities if asked through the proper channel. By accessing this website you hereby agree to our terms and conditions.

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