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What are Commodities?

A commodity is any physical product together with Food, grains or metals that can be exchanged with one more made from the equal kind, and are able to be purchased or bought between persons, or investors.
Rough commodities are customarily merchandise like Crude Oil, natural gas, Gold, and Silver that are mined. Weather speculated as a spot, or a future contract, commodities are traded on international exchanges, like the New York Mercantile exchange (NYMEX), the Chicago Mercantile trade (CME), Commodities trade (COMEX), and EURONEXT..

Why trade Commodities with Unibull Markets



Commodity Futures trading is done on margins. The investor only deposits a fraction of the value of the futures contract with the broker to cover the exchange specified margin requirements. This gives the investor greater leverage and thus the ability to generate higher returns.



Unlike investment vehicles like real estate, investments in commodity futures offer high liquidity. It is equally easy to both buy and sell futures and an investor can easily liquidate his position whenever required. There is also another advantage of being able to use the profits from a trade elsewhere, without having to close the position.



Investments in commodities markets are an excellent means of portfolio diversification. For example, gold prices have historically shown a low correlation with most other asset prices (such as equities) and thus offer an excellent means for portfolio diversification.


Inflation Hedge

As the commodity prices determine price levels and consequently inflation, investing in commodity futures can act as a hedge against inflation.


Total Transparency

To start with, an electronic trading platform helps in creating a transparent price discovery mechanism on the commodities futures exchanges without any intervention by sellers or buyers. It is driven totally by market fundamentals and the risk factor associated with manipulation is effectively negated.


Managing the risk

Risk management is a major benefit for commodities traders in India. Exchanges have well structured settlement procedures and prudent risk management practices, which reassures an investor. The absence of counter party risk also stands as an advantage to commodities traders.

The Unibull Advantage

There are many advantages of being a trader who trades commodities with Unibull Markets. Some of them are 


Please note...


Commodities Info

At UNIBULL Markets , customers have a various variety of Commodities to be had to exchange together with: Gold, Silver and Crude Oil. Consumers will even see the supply of extra commodity devices including; Wheat, Soya, Corn, Cotton, coffee and plenty of more.
Please note:
Long: Index value * Number of CFDs * (relevant interbank rate + 2.5%) * (Actual Number of days/360 or Actual Number of days/365)
Short: Index value * Number of CFDs * (relevant interbank rate - 2%) * (Actual Number of days/360 or Actual Number of days/365)
There is also a $2 per contract commission charged on each trade along with the usual BID/OFFER spreads.
Commodities are traded in units:
Oil is traded in barrels (bbl)
Wheat is traded in bushels (bu)
Coffee is traded in pounds (lb)
All units are set to a standardized quantity known as a "lot". A lot represents the minimum quantity which can be traded in any given instrument.


Trading Conditions

For extra understanding about commodity buying and selling stipulations, please consult with Unibull Markets CFD buying and selling stipulations page
Unibull Markets reserves the proper, at its absolute discretion, to widen spreads, curb leverage, and manage highest order amounts and limit consumer's whole exposure. Please go to our terms and conditions for full phrases.
Explore all of the stock Indices and Commodities offered by Unibull Markets . Thinking about trading beneficial metals? Investigate out our Gold web page. Or be trained extra about Crude Oil trading!

Trading Hours

Trading starts each Sunday at 18:00 GMT and closes on Friday at 18:00 GMT. Opening market orders and placing orders during the daily break is not possible

Due to low liquidity in global markets, between 23:00 GMT and 24:00 GMT, spreads for Gold, Silver and Oil might be widened

Trading hours vary from instrument to instrument. please see trading conditions and specifications table for details

Privacy Policy

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