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Product Specifications


Order type

Order Types: CFDs support all order types


Market Hours

CFDs are traded according to the exchange hours
of the underlying instrument.
See the specific instrument for more details.


Order Execution

In all types of Accounts the execution will happen according to the market conditions sometimes it may show requote due to the less liquidity in the market and price unavailability. Any wrong price execution or using ROBOTS, EA AND INDICATORS which tries to manipulate the system, these trades will be taken out or reversed from the clients account. You need to understand these conditions before applying for the live account.


EA Execution

The client may see small slippage on some of the trades executing via EA. This is because the speed of the EA allows the system to give slippage in order to our bank managing the risk. We would like to make it clear from the start that EA position might face some slippage.


Market Hours

CFDs are traded according to the exchange hours of the underlying instrument. See the specific instrument for more details.


Our Spreads

CFD spreads are based on the exchange spreads of the underlying instrument. Spreads are dynamic and may change according to market conditions


Currency Conversion

With regard to instruments that are quoted in non-U.S. dollars: their profit or loss (P/L) and pip value will be converted to U.S. dollars immediately and online. For example, a profit of 20.0 points made by trading 100 lots of the DAX30 will immediately be converted into U.S. dollars according to the present EUR/USD rate.


Overnight Rollover

CFD Positions left open overnight incur a charge or receive a credit against the size of the position based on the Unibull Markets Financing Charge and the Interest Rate Differential between the underlying product and the currency in which it is traded. Please Note: the MT4 platform calculates overnight rollover at 21:00 GMT and the rollover charge/credit is debited or credited to and from the trading account. On Wednesday at 21:00 GMT, overnight rollover fees are multiplied by three (x3) in order to compensate for the upcoming weekend. Interest Rate Differential is the difference in the interest rate between the product one is trading and the currency in which the product is denominated.


How to calculate overnight rollover

Formula: (Interest Rate Differential - Financing Charge)/36000 x Base Value x Units per Lot x Relevant Exchange Rate.
The Unibull Markets Financing Charge is 0.50% on Markets pairs and 2.5% on CFDs the size of the position is measured in units per 1 lot, e.g. 10 barrels = 1 lot of Crude Oil. Each CFD also has a base value determined by Unibull Markets. If the CFD is priced in a currency other than USD, an exchange rate determined by Unibull Markets is used to calculate the rollover in USD.T he overnight rollover values for a particular CFD can be seen in the Instruments window on the trading platform. Rollover values will differ depending on whether the position held is short or long. All rollover values are per single lot and the final rollover charge or credit will be for the total amount of lots held in a position. Expiration of a CFD on the MT4 platform: The future contract on which a CFD is based has an expiration date, and clients will be able to close their CFD positions until this date. Positions not closed by clients by this date will be closed by Unibull Markets at the last available price. Approximately 3-5 days before expiring, a new CFD based on the next future contract will begin trading. During this period, no new positions can be opened in the old CFD contract. 


Margin Details

Margin Requirement: All CFD positions carry margin requirements between 2% and 5% (depending on the individual CFD). You are required to keep funds in your account as collateral for the transaction amount of each CFD. The margin requirement must be maintained to keep your position open. Should the equity value of the account drop below the minimum margin requirement, additional funds must be added.


Margin Calls

Customers will be warned by the trading platform, at 100% margin level, that they are getting close to automatic liquidation. Customers will only get an automatic margin call notification if they are logged into their trading platform. Therefore, customers are advised to log into their trading platform on a regular basis to ensure they monitor their Equity and any relevant notifications accordingly. Unibull Markets may also alert Customers by phone-call and/or by email that they are getting close to automatic trade liquidation of their positions. The Customer will be advised to deposit additional funds into their account or instructed to reduce/close out current open positions.

Customers are also warned that the moment their margin level falls below 20%, the platform will automatically liquidate their positions. This will be done without further reference to the Customer. Once an account reaches a Margin Call warning level, it is possible that the margin level could increase above 100%. Should this happen and the Margin Call process will reset. If the Margin Call Warning levels are reached again, the Margin Call process will start again. Closure of positions will be done on the basis of best execution prices available to Unibull Markets at that time.

Customers are responsible for placing their own Stop Loss Orders to minimize losses.
In addition, Unibull Markets may, from time to time and at our best effort, contact a customer and request that said customer will deposit additional Collateral to secure his or her obligations. Any call for additional margin shall not be deemed precedent for future call nor future waiver of liquidation rights by Unibull Markets  

Terms & Conditions


General Terms

Unibull Markets presents a transparent pricing range, made from low, totally competitive and tight rates. The spreads on our Meta Trader 4 trading systems are variable, with price feeds coming from numerous main banks and associations and other high-tier liquidity sources globally.


Please Note

The figures listed above are indicative only and spreads are subject to change without notice depending on the market conditions (e.g. spreads may widen during illiquid or volatile market conditions) It should also be noted that our X platform utilizes a 5 point decimal system. For example, if EUR/USD gives a price of 1.39913/1.39915, you would have a spread of 0.2 pips. Additionally, a volume of 1 lot is equal to 100,000 of the first named currency. Micro and mini lots are available at Unibull Markets


Real time spreads

We presently present 40+ financial instruments products in total, together with some of the most general FX pairs, indices, metals and oil. Our feed comes from a number of leading liquidity vendors and banks, permitting us to offer market-leading spreads as little as 0.0 pips on our raw accounts, and 1.0 pip on typical accounts. To compare our whole range, down load a free demo of our trading platform.

Go to the "Market" Watch window field to your REX platform.

Right Click on the window area and click "Spreads".

A brand new column will have to appear showing the true-time spreads for each and every FX currency pair, commodity or indices market.

Likewise, you could view our actual-time rates from your favorite products through Unibull X Platform mobile trading apps

Privacy Policy

Unibull Markets will not disclose its client details to any unauthorized parties without the client’s authentication. Same time Unibull Markets may have to disclose details to law entities if asked through the proper channel. By accessing this website you hereby agree to our terms and conditions.

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