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Trade the largest market with super speed technology and immerse in deep liquidity at Unibull Markets

Our Advantages

Unibull Markets is a specialist FX and CFD broker in the retail FX market, offering clients the opportunity to

trade the world’s most liquid markets through a broker who understands its client’s requirements

Our advantages

Trade in the market with the lowest cost. We at Unibull market it a point that we do not charge anything other than the real market specifies.

Best Excecution

Superior and lighting fast execution


No Slippage

Absolutely fine tuned for no slippage

Unlimited Trades

Trade world markets with one single platform

Unique Features

Integrated with new and advanced features

Forex... What is it?


Biggest market

Forex is the biggest and most tradable financial instrument in the world where you can trade the most popular currency pairs including majors, minors and exotics 24 hours a day and 5 days a week. It is tenfold faster and volatile than an average stock market of a country.
Globally, different currencies are traded for one more within the currency trading market (foreign exchange). It's held to be the biggest financial market on this planet, and which is closest to the ultimate of "ultimate competitors" held by way of the entire economists. .


The depth

It is bigger than all the stock markets of all the countries combined. The traders include speculators, banks, significant banks, governments, multinational enterprises, and different fiscal organizations now it has come to an Individual trader too. Now a trader needs to be the owner of a corporation to take part in Forex trading. He can just open an account with a broker and start trading.

Advantages of being a Forex Trader


Be your own boss

When you are a trader, which means you are your own boss. You have all the freedom and leverage to do what you want.


Take control

Take control of your finance and life by becoming a successful Forex trader with Unibull markets. You are in control and there is no one to control you.



Freedom, both with time and with finances. That is the biggest advantage of being a Forex trader. You are not accountable to anyone or anything.




1. Largest market on the earth
2. The markets are open 24 hours a day
3. Restrained infrastructure required
4. You could be impartial from activities and not answer to anyone.
5. Circular the clock buying and selling gives the trader the opportunity to trade within any time zone around the globe.
6. The currency market is a 24-hour market. As a trader, this permits you to react to favorable/detrimental pursuits via trading immediately. It also gives merchants the added flexibility of selecting their trading day.
7. In case you add the entire quantity on the entire stock exchanges on the planet, it could nonetheless no longer get almost the volume on the forex markets. Volume ensures that a trader will in no way be stuck with a position - if you want to buy there will likely be traders and if you wish to sell there shall be buyers.
8. In this trade it's predominantly you and your computer and you have no staff, no labor issues, no cash flow planning, no salaries and wages, to be involved about. 


Your Advantages

1. The markets are open 24 hours a day
2. Little or no employees required
3. Free and consumer pleasant program
4. No theft and shrinkage
5. When you consider that that the markets are on hand to everybody 24 hours a day, with web connection, your computer, pc, and your cell phone, you may in reality trade from at any place on this planet.
6. You simplest need your computer, set-up with the correct application and the critical training to conduct your trades. No workplaces and other highly-priced infrastructure stretching your cash go with the flow to the severe are required.
7. In far more than 6 trillion USD will get traded on a daily basis, this is greater than all of the different speculative markets put collectively and with greater than one hundred twenty forex pairs available for buying and selling every day, it has a tremendous potential for day traders.
8. No losses to be concerned about and investing enormous quantities of money to guard yourself against knowledge losses from theft or shrinkage.  

Live Account

  • Minimum Deposit $10
  • Spread From 0.9
  • Leverage 1:1000

Islamic Account

  • Minimum Deposit $10
  • Spread From 0.9
  • Leverage 1:1000

PPMS Account

  • Min Deposit $1000
  • Spread From 2.9
  • Leverage 1:100

Funded Account

  • Min Deposit $1000
  • Spread From 2.9
  • Leverage 1:100

Check out our Platforms

Unibull XS

XS for all Devices 

Unibull markets XS is made to work fine on all your trading devices including your smartwatch

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Unibull MT4

Mt4 for all Devices 

Unibull markets Mt4 is made to work fine on all your trading devices including your smartwatch

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Our STP / ECN Trading Model



STP stands for Straight Through Processing and also means a concept of direct access to the online forex trading market.



ECN or Electronic Communications Network shortens all paths between the forex traders in the world.
It establishes a connection between buyers and sellers of assets and therefore allows to trade directly, without intermediaries.

Your benefits:

With us, as your ECN broker, you will gain access to high liquidity and profit potential.

Easy handling via our system without conflicts between broker and trader
Full transparency: bids and asks are always accessible to all parties
24/5-trading: trading, bids and asks at any time and from anywhere in the world
No re-quotes: always current market prices
No dealing desk

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