Fund Managers

A new face from Unibull Markets-Our buying and selling application offers a targeted possibility to clients that realize the expertise of the capital markets and anticipating constant and exponential returns on their investments. For this purpose of streamlining the business flow and to inject the long lost ethics into it we take a global initiative that supports the identification and piloting of cutting edge financial instruments.


Main Features of This Program


Trade Company Capital from Anywhere in the World
State-Of-Art Facility with Supportive Global Community
No Hidden Fees,
Original Inter-Bank Level Spreads
Constantly Increasing Funding and Risk Limits
New Trade Alerts
Intraday FX Forecasts 


Risk/Position Management Tool
FX Trade Ideas
The Days Top FX Charts
Real-Time Intraday Analysis
Intraday Updates of Key Technical Levels
Private Members Chat Room 

Are you a certified Fund Manager?

A Certified Funds Manager is a person who is responsible for implementing a fund's investing strategy and managing its portfolio trading activities. A fund can be managed by one person, by two people as co-managers and by a team of three or more people. A Certified Funds Manager is a person who is responsible for the overall management, control and supervision of a number of (Trading and Investments) investments with the aim of maximizing the rate of return and minimizing risk. So if you are one here is good news. We are looking for certified fund managers.

At Unibull Markets we aspire to creating a fulfilling environment where you can apply your energy, intellect and enthusiasm to fundamental matters through innovative financing. Proprietary corporations bring in effective traders and fund them to take part in a range of transactions, together with stocks and bonds, the Forex market, commodities and financial derivatives. At Unibull Markets for those who carry the talent and procedure, we’ll furnish them with funds and opportunities

Want to be a Fund Manager?

If You Are An Aspiring Fund Manager This Is Your Chance. Contact Us for A Making A Career. We offer Attractive Rewards on Every Aspects of Management
• EAs Are Allowed
• Minimum of 15 Trades A Month
• Drawdown of Not More Than 30%
• Average Profit Of 2% a Month
• Win Rate of At Least 55% - Break Even Is Considered a Win
• You MUST Have A Track Record Of At Least 1 Year. I.e. At Least 52 Weeks of Live Trading
• Not More Than 3 Losing Months in a Year. Not More Than 2 Consecutive Losing Months
• ALL Trading Techniques Are Allowed 

Additional Benefits



• Ability to work from home, if you develop a successful track record (and people to keep you on track until you do).
• Salary and bonus opportunity
• No education or training fees
• Aggressive payouts 



• An education that is worth a career
• Reduced commissions (typically) compared to what retail day traders face.
• Access to training from professional day traders (you may have to pay for training, as this helps the firm eliminate traders who aren't serious) 



• Surrounded by other successful traders who can help you get profitable and stay there.
• Access to more trading capital than you would have on your own (see How Much Capital is needed to Day Trade Stocks, Forex, or Futures)
• An opportunity to make considerable amount of money

Our proprietary buying and selling list involves US treasuries, the E-Minis for the S&P, NYSE, NASDAQ and Dow, futures and Forex futures, and Forex. Individuals improve from a technologically developed trading environment created by Unibull Markets . Traders and fund managers use direct market access trading systems with access to advanced order forms and dark pool liquidity vendors. Unibull Markets's proprietary buying and selling desk is constituted of authentic traders of all backgrounds and a form of buying and selling tactics.

Powerful Features

Remote Trading For Groups and Solo Traders
Direct-Access Trading Platforms Fusion-Sterling
Trader Tools, News, Blogs, Face Book, Twitter and Other Media Support
Full ECN Pass-Through Rebates + Strategies and Dark Pools
Several Payout Structures Suited For Your Strategy
Risk Management & Trading Support
Honest & Loyal Practices, Most Trustworthy In the Business


Skill Set We Require

We Have Kept This Below The Required Minimum. We Extend Our Resources And Helping Hand To Aspiring Fund Managers. Once You Are Above The Curve You Must Feel That You Have Made A Career Which Is Worthy. Get In Touch With Us And We Will Let You Know In Detail.


Do you have 'em? If yes, contact us and we will show yoou a new imoroved way.




Period 1 - Simulation Days (22 Days)

1. Submit your trading strategy
2. Submit your trading track record for 1 year
3. Your Resume 


Period 1- We Provide You With

1. $100,000 worth Simulated Account
2. Metatrader 4 Trading Terminal
3. Standard Algo Trading Environment
4. Constantly Increasing Funding and Risk Limits
5. Risk Control System
6. Research Support
7. Dedicated Account Manager
8. Tech Support
9. Trade Support 


Period 1 - Your Targets

1. Daily Max Loss - 1%
2. Max Drawdown 4%
3. Profit Target 6%
4. No Overnight Positions
5. No Position on Major News Release
6. Always Set Stop Loss
7. At Least 50 Meaningful Trades 


Period - 2 Training (1 Month)

In This Period Unibull Markets And You Will Be Discussing Your Trade Records And The Performance During Period 1 Of Simulation. By Analyzing Your Own Trading Records And Back Testing Results, Our Experienced Traders Will Help You Develop A Trading System Most Suitable For Yourself.
You Will Get A Chance To Meet And Interact With The Top Leading Fund Managers From Around The World. 


Period 3 - Live Trading

This is where boys become men and men become fund managers. This period you will be trading live according to the parameters and terms of Unibull Markets


Period 3 - We provide You With

1. A Live Trading Account worth Your Talent
2. Increased Capital Base Performance
3. Regular 1-1 Meeting With Other Fund Managers
4. Membership of Unibull Community Website
5. Official Company Credentials 


Period 3 - Your Targets

1. Daily Max Loss - 1%
2. Max Drawdown - 5%
3. Always Set Stop Loss
4. No Overnight Position
5. No Positions on Major News Release 



Combing The Modern Day Research With Tested Training Methodology, We Control To Harness The Power Of Trading Capabilities In A Revolutionary And Pragmatic Approach. It Helps Our Traders Take Manage Of Their Trading Experience With The Intention To Obtain A Greater Effect. Back Through Our Talents And Capital, We Are The Stepping Stone In Your Trading Career.



You are with Unibull Markets

Our advantages

Trade in the market with the lowest cost. We at Unibull market it a point that we do not charge anything other than the real market specifies.

Best Excecution

Superior and lighting fast execution


No Slippage

Absolutely fine tuned for no slippage

Unlimited Trades

Trade world markets with one single platform

Unique Features

Integrated with new and advanced features

Privacy Policy

Unibull Markets will not disclose its client details to any unauthorized parties without the client’s authentication. Same time Unibull Markets may have to disclose details to law entities if asked through the proper channel. By accessing this website you hereby agree to our terms and conditions.

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