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Unite against Global warming - Unibull Markets invites you to join us to campaign agais the most
dangerous man made disaster

We Need Your Support
to Make Change Happen

Scientists know that Earth's climate has changed abruptly in the past. Even though it is unlikely to occur in the near future, global warming may increase the risk of such events. One of the most significant potential mechanisms is a shift in an ocean circulation pattern known as thermohaline circulation, which would have widespread consequences for Asia,Europe and the U.S. East Coast

We urge all our clients to take part in a campaign agaist man made disasters and to make our home even better for our generations to come.

Can we call this

• Rising seas and increased coastal flooding
• Longer and more damaging wildfire seasons
• More destructive hurricanes
• More frequent and intense heat waves
• Military bases at risk
• National landmarks at risk
• Widespread forest death near Mountains
• Costly and growing health impacts
• An increase in extreme weather events
• Heavier precipitation and flooding
• More severe droughts in some areas
• Increased pressure on groundwater supplies
• Growing risks to our electricity supply
• Changing seasons
• Melting ice
• Disruptions to food supplies
• Destruction of coral reefs
• Plant and animal range shifts 

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