Social Trading

Discover the Forex social trading by copying trades or being an example for others to copy

Benefits of Social Trading

The automated copy-trading system Soсial Trading will allow you to duplicate the best trades, trade independently, share information and communicate with your traders.

Take advantage of successful traders' experience or share your own success with others through our Social Forex Trading system. Depending on your goals, choose the role that really suits you and achieve your objectives!.

The copy trading system means professionalism and confidence in trading decisions every day


What is Social Trading

Social trading is a disruptive concept, intended to present an alternative to the traditional financial investment model. When we say “traditional” we refer to online retail traders going up against the market alone, armed only with charting tools and their own personal insights, as opposed to the institutional investment model. You see, professional investment companies had figured out long ago that a team of traders is better than one. What social trading does is give regular online traders the same advantages that institutional traders have enjoyed for a long time, and more.


Why go Social ?

Here are the reasons...

A group is more knowledgeable than an individual
Exposure to many ideas
Copy the winning strategies
Both leaders and followers benefit
Extra revenue as a trader and as an investor
Connect and follow the best traders
Copy their trades automatically
You can start with a small budget
No prior knowledge of trading required
Save your time 

Our advantages

Trade in the market with the lowest cost. We at Unibull market it a point that we do not charge anything other than the real market specifies.

Best Excecution

Superior and lighting fast execution


No Slippage

Absolutely fine tuned for no slippage

Unlimited Trades

Trade world markets with one single platform

Unique Features

Integrated with new and advanced features

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